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About Us

AMFACTORi is created to accelerate the industrialisation of additive manufacturing / 3D printing technologies, addressing their integration into production processes and covering the major elements of the value chain, from design to product quality control.

As part of PRODINTEC technology center, it has facilities equipped with everything needed to develop and demonstrate additive manufacturing solutions on an industrial scale, in an integral and neutrally in line with technologies.

AMFACTORi is a specialised centre with more than 10 years' experience in helping companies to explore new business opportunities around these technologies, optimising their full potential and minimising risk by analysing costs and defining the business model.





To impartially support, advise and accompany industrial companies in the process of additive manufacturing technology industrialisation, covering the entire value chain of processes and through knowledge transfer, first series production, implementing quality control methodologies, intellectual property management and training people.

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