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Benefits of the technology

  • From digital to physical: convert 3D files into parts.
  • Design freedom: Manufacturing is driven by design, where the design determines the production and not vice versa, introducing the possibility of designing pieces with geometric characteristics and more complex shapes that cannot be made otherwise.
  • Customisation: create customised parts, adapting each one to a specific use or to a user.
  • Weight saving: allows to manufacture lighter structures.
  • Integration of functionalities and mechanisms.
  • Reduce time to market and assembly errors. There are no joints, screws, etc.
  • Optimise the material used: with Additive Manufacturing, the components are built layer-by-layer to the final geometry, which results in a significant material saving.
  • It enables production in situ. The pieces can be manufactured where and when they are needed, reducing the need to maintain stock.


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